Your doctor says that you should see a hearing specialist because she is concerned about some of your symptoms. On looking around you find that you have two options – you can see an NHS doctor or you can see a private audiologist. Which one should you choose? NHS audiologists are usually highly trained and experienced but the only problem with them is that because there are so few of them it takes a long time to see one. You may be given an appointment as far out as 6 months away and by then your hearing may be considerably worse.
A private audiologist is a better idea but many people will hesitate because they do not know how much it will cost. The cost of seeing an audiologist will depend on who you see and what you are getting treated for. You should start by finding out whether you are covered by your insurance company – some of them cover hearing as a matter of course. If you are not covered you will have to pay directly. Many audiologists understand that patients cannot afford to pay lots of money so they try their best to charge affordable fees.
You may want to compare a few of them to see what treatments they offer and what they charge. It is however not a good idea to choose a doctor just because they are cheap. It could mean that the doctor isn’t properly trained or they don’t have the right equipment to carry out proper tests.
You can find a clinic that is willing to take payments in instalments such as Chear. They have highly qualified audiologists and all the necessary equipment for diagnosis and treatment. If you need treatment that they cannot provide they will refer you to the right specialist. You can get in touch with them through