Body worn monitoring gadgets are now commonplace amongst patients. If you have been asked to wear one you may be reluctant – isn’t it better to have the doctor monitor your health directly? It is easy for the doctor to keep an eye on you if you are an inpatient, but if you are an outpatient it can become cumbersome. Each time you need to have readings done you have to make your way to the hospital which may not be very easy given your current ill health.
If you use body worn patient monitoring devices you will get the same results from the comfort of your home. These devices are connected to a private network so that your healthcare providers can keep an eye on you from afar. If they have cause for concern they will call you and ask you to come in right away, and if you are in a bad way a doctor can come to your home and provide immediate care there.
There are many types of body worn patient monitoring devices available and the one that your doctor chooses for you will depend on your illness and the kinds of readings that are required to ensure that you remain health. There are many different types that provide readings for heart function – from his office your doctor can tell your heart rate, respiration and other vital information. Others are designed for people who suffer diabetes so that they can get a warning each time they are about to experience a sugar spike. There are some that will provide general readings on your health so that you can always know when things are not a hundred percent.
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