Many homes and flats around the UK have Juliet balconies. These are balconies that are very narrow and at most can only stand one or two people at a time. Because of this they are often viewed only as security features – they keep people from falling out of windows and they are also effective deterrents against intruders. Not much attention is paid to these balconies – once they are installed they are expected to last for as long as the building does.
Your Juliet balconies can be remodelled to enhance your home in several ways. As you make plans to re-do your interiors you should also plan for these balconies as they can be used to enhance not just the aesthetics but the value of your home. Today, one way to do that is to replace all Juliet balconies with glass balconies. Glass balconies are in vogue right now and they are chosen for the reason that they offer several important advantages.
These balconies are able to bring more light into the home. If your Juliet balconies are made of thick balustrades, for example, they do not allow much light into the room. You can easily change this by converting them to glass and your rooms will not only look brighter, they will look bigger as well. Another benefit of glass Juliet balconies is that they are low maintenance – once they are in all you need to do is clean them regularly, unlike steel or concrete balconies that cost money to maintain.
It is important to find the right kind of installer to turn your Juliet balconies into glass. One that comes highly recommended is Windoor UK. They have been in the glass balcony business for many years and they come with plenty of expertise and fresh ideas. Find out more on