As you prepare a budget for your upcoming remodel you are wondering whether you should include mirrors – they seem to be all the rave these days but do they actually have any tangible benefits and should you be spending money on them? Mirrors have been with us for centuries. For a long time they were used in private quarters such as bedrooms but today, mirrors are a central feature in most rooms in the most stylish homes. So what are their benefits?
• Mirrors are most commonly used to create the illusion of space. If you have a room that you would like to make look bigger than it actually is a large mirror to one side of the room will do the trick.
• Are you into feng shui? If yes, you need to add mirrors to your home as they are thought to bring positive energy wherever they are installed.
• Mirrors are a great way to brighten up any room. They arrest light and then bounce it back in different directions making the room look brighter than it is. They are a good idea for rooms that don’t receive much natural light.
• Mirrors, if carefully chosen, will add elegance to any room where they are installed.
If you want the mirrors in your home to really stand out you should consider having them etched. Etched is basically just adding designs to the surface of the mirror. With carefully chosen designs any mirror can become a piece of art and will add elegance and style. Etching can be done by a mirror expert. They will show you different designs to choose from and once you make your decision your mirrors will be ready for mounting in a few days.
Try Go Glass – they are mirror experts and they do great etching work.