You have identified a PR firm that you would like to hire for your business and now you would like to come up with an airtight contract that protects you and ensures that the firm delivers. What kinds of things should go into the document? The best thing to do is hire a lawyer who has experience in PR contracts, but even as you do that you should make sure that the following are well covered in your contract:
•    You should agree on how the company will be paid. The best way to make sure that they meet their targets is to pay them on a commission basis. If, for example, they are able to sell a certain number of units, they get a certain percentage of those sales. This is important because if you agree on a fixed payment plan you will have to pay the PR firm even when they don’t help boost sales numbers.
•    Make sure that you outline exactly what the PR company is expected to do. If possible it should be broken down into weekly, monthly and quarterly targets. If they don’t meet their targets you will have a clear contract to refer to.
•    Make it clear in the contract what will happen if the PR company isn’t able to meet their goals – you should able to fire them without much ado.
•    The contract should not lock you in for long periods of time. There are some companies that will only take clients who are willing to sign 5 year contracts. What happens if you want to leave before the 5 years are up? If you do you will be sued, and if you stay you won’t be happy.
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