An inflatable basin for washing hair is important when you are taking care of someone who has been or will be bedridden for a while. If you search online you will find that these wash basins come in all sorts of designs and shapes but you shouldn’t buy the first one that you come across – they are not all built the same. As you look at different types of inflatable wash basins think about the following:
•    Is the basin made of stiff plastic or a material that can mould into contours? If you want a basin to use on a wheelchair it should be made out of stiff plastic that can be clipped onto the wheelchair, but if you want to use it in bed a softer material is recommended.
•    You should consider the length of the hair that you will be washing in the basin. There are some designs for very long hair – they have a tray where you can rinse the hair without getting the patient wet.
•    Make sure that the tray is comfortable to use. Your patient will lean on it using their nape so it shouldn’t have any rough or pointy edges that can cause pain..
•    Choose a basin that is easy to inflate. These basins are small enough to be inflated by mouth but if you buy one that is hard to fill with air you will be forced to pump. Make sure that its top secures fast – you dot want it deflating when you are in the middle of a wash.
•    Do price comparison before you buy – some inflatable wash basins are expensive but not because they have anything more to offer. If you pay more make sure you know what you are paying for.
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