Glass partitions have become common in the workplace – they offer employees some degree of privacy and they also allow them to work undisturbed. If you have decided to install glass partitions in your Cambridge office you may be wondering where to start. There are several companies that are able to make this kind of installation but since you want the best there are several qualities that you should be looking for.
The first is a high level of expertise. Installing glass partitions is easy enough, but installing partitions that are safe and that will last a long time is a different matter. You should be looking for a glass vendor who is experienced in office partitions and who has a reputation for doing stellar work. It is best to involve them right from the beginning – have them come in and look around your office, take some measurements and then give you their recommendations. This doesn’t mean that you have committed to them in any way – you are free to bring in as many glass vendors as you would like. Listen to what they recommend and get a quote from each of them. In the end, you will compare all the quotes to see which one offers the best value.
You may be tempted to go with a vendor who offers a cheap quote, but when you are dealing with glass partitions this is hardly the way to go. You ought to choose a vendor who provides top quality partitions that are tempered for everyone’s safety. You should also look into the different designs that a vendor offers – while you may want to keep things simple in the office, etching and frosting partitions offers a level of privacy to employees.
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