Your friends and neighbours have been installing glass sliding doors and encouraging you to do the same. You are not sold – before you make such a commitment you would like to know exactly what the benefits of these doors are and whether there are any cons that you should be on the lookout for. The fact is more and more homes now have glass sliding doors. They are a welcome addition to any home because more than anything else they greatly improve the aesthetics. Not only will you enjoy leaving in a much more beautiful home because of these doors, when time comes to sell you will be able to get a better price for the simple addition of these doors.
While clear glass doors are a great idea, if you are serious about installing glass doors you should pick frosted glass over clear glass. Frosted glass has several benefits that you will not find with clear glass. The first is that they are virtually impenetrable – they are usually coated with an additional layer of strengtheners to help keep out intruders. Frosted glass sliding doors are also better for security because people outside of your home cannot see in. One of the reasons why burglars break into homes is they are able to see from the outside whether there is anything worth stealing.
Some people will argue that frosted glass doors will not let in as much natural light as clear glass sliding doors. This is not true. Frosted glass is designed in such a way as to allow more light into any room where it is installed. Whether you install it in your patio or you use it for internal doors you can expect to get more natural light into your home.
You will also like the fact that glass doors are much easier to clean and maintain than wooden doors. True, they get smudges faster, but when you consider that all it takes to get them clean is a simple wipe you will see that they are indeed easier to maintain than wooden doors. When glass doors are properly taken care of, whether frosted or not they last a long time.
As for installation, it is very important to choose your vendor carefully. Because these doors are becoming quite popular there are now many shops that sell them, but this doesn’t mean that they offer top quality glass or good installation. You should be careful when selecting your vendor – make sure that they have the necessary experience and also a wide variety of doors that you can choose from.
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