Your interior designer has suggested installing a frameless glass shower during your next remodel and you would like to know what the benefits and disadvantages of such a shower are. These showers have become quite popular in recent years – you will find them on lots of websites and interior decor magazines. Frameless glass showers are definitely a step up from shower curtains – they will make your bathroom look more elegant and classy than it has ever looked. There are other benefits to these showers:
•    You will increase the value of your home because by installing a frameless glass shower you add instant style. Whenever you have a chance to make modifications to your home you should always ask yourself what you can do to increase its worth, and frameless glass is one way to go. Whether you install frameless glass doors or frameless glass showers, you will definitely be able to attract a higher price when the time comes to sell.
•    Frameless glass showers are much easier to take care of than tiles. One of the biggest problems with tiles is that they eventually accumulate grime and filth in the grout and this takes time to clean. If you have a frameless glass shower all you have to do is squeegee the shower glass a few times a week and your shower will always be spotless. You also don’t have to worry about shower curtains as you will never need them once your shower is in.
•    You are not limited when it comes to design. Shower glass can be etched to suit any design you desire. In addition to that, because you are talking about glass it will go with whatever decor you choose for your bathroom. If you like you can choose coloured glass, although this may limit you when it comes to choosing decor.
•    One of the biggest benefits of glass is that it never corrodes unlike other materials that shower walls are made out of. If you use tiles you will eventually have to change them because the design fades and they may crack. However, with regular cleaning glass shower partitions can last for years.
What are the cons of installing these showers?
The biggest disadvantage of installing a frameless glass shower is that it is more expensive than using tiles. However, you can also argue that in the long term it is a better investment since it is likely to last longer. If you are worried about going over your remodelling budget you should think about getting financing.
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