What the Gelato University Artisan Course Entails

Are you a fan of gelato ice-cream and would want to know how to make it? Whether you desire to learn to make the Italian delicacy for fun or for commercial reasons, it’s wise to learn from the best. The Gelato University Italy was started for the sole purpose of training people around the world how to prepare and commercialize gelato. Now, there are several institutions offering the artisan course. At Sapori & Saperi, for instance, there are three coming intakes this year: July 8, September 10, and October 14. The artisan course is open for anyone who wants to learn everything there is about gelato and it takes a maximum of 6 days.

The Details of the Artisan Course

The course is led by top Italian gelato experts who are experienced in mentoring many gelato enthusiasts around the globe. The training takes place close to Pisa.Though gelato has an Italian origin, the training is offered in English. The maximum group size is 6 where you train for 3 days. There is also an option for a group size of 3 where you train for 5 days.

  • The 3-Day Course:This gelato course is for chefs, dairy farmers, professional caterers, and even amateurs who are keen to learn how to create their own gelato recipes.
  • The 5-Day Course: This training is for chefs who want to start a gelato business. It’s also ideal for gelato business owners and their employees who want to learn how to improve their production and service delivery.

During the training, you learn how to make authentic gelato using natural means (using unaltered ingredients), artisan means (using skills and human judgment), and scientific means (through research).

The artisan course at Sapori & Saperi gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand Gelato University Italy training. In less than a week, you learn how to make the Italian delicacy and build an enterprise around it.