Some of the best boarding schools in England cost a lot of money – parents have to pay upwards of £40,000 a year in school fees, not to mention many other expenses that come attached. You may be asking yourself whether they are worth it – why pay that much for education when they can pay a lot less and still get through the school system?
The thing you have to take into account when comparing expensive boarding schools to cheaper ones is what you get in return for all the money that you pay. Your child will not just be getting an education – they will be getting the best. Boarding schools in the UK are among some of the best. Parents who can afford it from all around the world enrol their children as soon as they can because they know that they will get an education that will give them advantages in life.
These schools employ the best teacher that the country has to offer. These teachers are committed to making sure that young people are able o obtain grades that get them into some of the best universities in the UK and abroad. They also prepare students for the life that’s ahead – they will come out of boarding school equipped with skills that will help them cope in university and beyond. They will be well rounded adults and the relationships that they develop will go on to serve them during their careers.
So long as you can afford to send you child to an expensive UK boarding school you shouldn’t have any doubts – you will pay a lot of money to get them an education but it will be well worth it when your child is a thriving adult.
Try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – it may not be as expensive as some of the schools in the UK, but it offers an excellent curriculum. See more on