If you are new to horses you may be wondering what effective equestrian paddock maintenance is and how you can find it. Horses are sensitive animals that need proper care at all times. Paddock maintenance is all about making sure that their living quarters are clean and well maintained at all times. Dirty and overgrown paddocks are a big problem for horses – not only will they not get proper nutrition (they don’t eat near their own droppings) they will eventually get sick and may even die.
Droppings are not the only problem that needs to be dealt with in paddocks. It is important to make sure that the grass is healthy and properly levelled at all times. If you notice that there are areas in the paddock that horses will not eat from you should investigate – there could be something there that is affecting the grass, and if not taken care of it may soon infect the whole paddock.
If you don’t know much about horses, or if you are too busy to take care of them yourself the best thing to do is hire a paddock maintenance company. These companies cost money but they are worth it – not only will you have beautiful looking paddocks, your horses will be healthy and an asset you can be proud of.
Make sure that you carefully vet any paddock maintenance company you have in mind. They may tell you that they can get the job done, but you need to see actual proof – they should give you at least 3 references. They should also provide you with a strategy – what do they plan to do with your paddocks and when do they plan to do it?
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