You have spent a couple of years developing an app that you think can be a great success, but now that it is complete you are wondering how best to get it to the market. Many app developers fail at this stage – they develop very useful programs, but because they try and do the marketing themselves they never get anywhere. If you want your app to be marketed in the right forums to the right people it is important that you work with a PR company that has experience selling apps to the public.
There are many PR companies that will tell you that they can help get your app to market. The fact is, when it comes to app marketing the proof is in the pudding – any company that can support their claim with actual statistics of apps that they have promoted in the past. They need to prove that they have connections in the right places, places where your app will get maximum visibility.
A good PR company will not be in a rush to get paid. Good PR is about bringing products to market and keeping them there. The best strategy is to have clients pay a small fee upfront to show commitment and defray expenses – the real payment comes once the app starts selling.
Many PR companies are quite astute when it comes to recruiting clients – they send out their best salesmen to rope them in but once the account is in their possession it is passed on to less capable hands. You should only hire a PR company that will let you work with the same person who recruited you.
Quite Great is one of the best PR firms in the UK – big or small, the work to ensure that all clients are treated the same and that they are all successful.