Here are a few reasons that people employ a professional college advisory service

Each student is unique

College choices and applications can be very time-consuming. There are all kinds of factors that need to be considered, the needs of the students can be overlooked as school guidance counselors are often overworked and have far less time than possibly they previously did to give personalized college advise to each and every student.

On average a school counselor will provide advice to on average over 300 students a year. There is no way they will be able to cater to the unique needs and concerns of every student and parent, this student average can reach as high as 550 students on larger schools.

Selecting your college is not something that should be left to computer programs and algorithms. The whole admissions process, which may appear quite manageable on its face, will necessitate many approaches and tactics tailored specifically to each individual student. Public schools have continued to cut funding to their guidance counselors, leaving parents to turn to college advisory services to try to ensure that their kids get the advice that they need and warrant.

Reduce the stress involved

Choosing the right college is stressful for many different reasons. Firstly, parents, who been nurtured their children since the day they were born, have a difficult time allowing their children to make this huge decision on their own. Secondly, most students are not ready to make this life-changing decision: many students have never made their own educational choices or picked their own schools, why would they be prepared to make the correct decision now. D they possess the self-knowledge to make this choice and may want to go through a process to list a clear set of guidelines, from which to come to the right conclusion.

To complicate the matter, even more, junior and senior years in high school are difficult for students. They have so many competing preferences to try and juggle: raising their grades, balancing homework with their extracurricular engagements, and planning for those bothersome SAT and ACT tests, as well as negotiating the nuances of their social lives. Getting expert guidance will alleviate much of the stress involved in the process. Let your child focus on the excitement of finishing his or her high school years and leave the rest to a qualified adviser.

Level the playing field

The whole College admissions process is getting more and more competitive. Every year more students are applying to go to college, and each of these students is applying to more than one college. Approval rates at particular colleges continue to decrease, making gaining access more difficult. Nearly a quarter of all applicants to higher level institutions have employed the services of college advisory service. This gives them a huge competitive edge over those students who choose to go it alone.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with private day and boarding schools, who bring their considerable resources to bear in order to guarantee admissions to the top universities for their students. They can provide, a much more specialized counseling service in-house too.

One of the benefits of the internet is that all parents and students now have instant access to all the information they need about different universities. But wading through this enormous amount of information is nowhere near as straightforward as you might think. There are 1000’s of websites dedicated to college admissions. How can you possibly know which one you can trust? When it comes to the college application process, knowledge is not always power, experience is power call a college advisory service today.