One of the most amazing and versatile pieces any decorator can swear by are trunks. Trunks can do many things for a home depending on its design; it can add a vintage look to a home, double as extra storage and the flat top can be used as a tabletop.
Today, trunks come in many sizes, materials, and colors making it even easier to incorporate it into any interior theme. Mossman furniture trunks are especially as furniture pieces, and due to this, they are stronger, more decorative and unique, unlike other trunks.
Mossman furniture trunks come in different categories all of which are suitable for different home needs and storage.
Bedside Table Trunks, which is a variety of the Mossman furniture trunks, are small in size and add the ‘wow’ factor to any bedroom. The ‘his and hers’ trunks come in different colors and cover materials that will best suit any décor and taste.
 Under the bed storage trunks are also available in different colors and cover materials. This variety is a perfect option for storing or hiding unsightly things in the room which can include beddings, dirty linen, shoes, blankets, pillows and much more.
Whether you need the ultimate comfort and style when traveling or are looking to store your clothes at home in style, Mossman Furniture trunk range helps you attain this with the wardrobe style trunk that comes in two variants depending on the size. The steamer size wardrobe that doesn’t have drawers and the 36” cabin size trunk with drawers. These wardrobe trunks that also double up as travel trunks also come in various colors and material cover
Today, many people have turned away from using traditional tables in their living rooms to using ottomans to spice up their décor. Mossman Otterman style trunks provide the Ottoman charm while having the added advantage of storage. Other than being able to hide or store things in the living room, this piece also comes in an eye catching colors and different materials. This kind is specifically common with storing kids toys and books
Unlike other trunks, the laundry basket which comes in vintage style has a carpet lining and is used in storing piles of laundry, dirty or clean. This variety also comes in different colors.
Finally, the coffee table trunks, just like the Otterman trunks are an ideal replacement of coffee table furniture and can be used anywhere at home. Just like the other trunks, this variety also comes in dashing colors and a variety of materials