Cambridgeshire sash window repair and restoration can be expensive and time consuming. To avoid having yours repaired every few years you can simply take better care of them. This short article will discuss top tips for taking care of sash windows:
•    Don’t use force to open your windows. If a window is stuck you should find out what is causing the problem and take care of it.
•    One of the most common problems with sash windows is rot – since they are made out of wood when they absorb water they tend to rot. To make sure that this doesn’t happen you should coat all exposed wood on your sash windows with latex paint – it expands and contracts depending on the weather but keeps your windows intact.
•    Make sure that your gutters are intact. If they leak onto your windows every time it rains you will soon have to do window replacement.
•     Inspect your windows at least once a year for rot – if you catch it early on you will not have to spend so much money on replacement. Use your fingers to press the wood; if there are soft spots it means that there is rot.
•    If you find small areas of rot you can do minor repairs yourself. Using a chisel remove the rotten wood, let the area dry and then fill it with epoxy. Once dry coat the area with latex paint.
•    Do not clean your windows in direct sunlight as it will leave streaks. Make sure to clean the frames as well as the glass, but don’t use harsh cleaners as they may damage the latex paint.
If you find that these steps are not helping you can get in touch with Salmons Bros. Limited. They are experts in sash windows and they will repair yours expertly.