Parents of children who have problems with their hearing don’t often get the treatment and care that they need through NHS because of the long waiting periods – while there are excellent and highly qualified professionals in the system, it can often take months to get your child to be seen by one. They are left with the option of private care. For many, the main concern about seeing a private audiologist is the cost – they worry that they will be asked to pay more than they can afford.
If you have decided to see a private audiologist but are worried about how much they charge it is important to do your homework. That way you avoid any surprises. The basic hearing assessment test costs about £110 but if you want your child to get a hearing test and a speech discrimination test as well (these two often go together) both will cost you around £170. Audiologists offer a large variety of other tests that help determine the extent of hearing loss and what may be causing it. The cost of these tests varies and the more complex they are, the more they cost. Some of the most expensive, which test auditory brainstem response, cost about £345.
The important thing is not the let these costs daunt you. Most good audiologists understand that the most important thing is to make sure that any child with hearing deficiencies gets what they need to be able to live as normal a life as possible. They offer discounted prices wherever they can but for parents who still cannot meet the costs there are payment plans in place that can ease the burden.
One of these is Cheary – it is one of the best audiology clinics in the UK and they provide excellent care for both children and adults who have hearing deficiencies. You can find out more on their website,