This year, you have decided that you want to stay in a Norfolk self catering holiday cottage but there is one problem – there are so many of them that you are finding it difficult to choose. To start with, congratulations for choosing to stay in a Norfolk farm holiday cottage rather than a hotel. In the past, cottages were more or less associated with the rich and famous but today, more and more people are choosing them because they have so many advantages – they tend to be cheaper, you get more privacy and you prepare your own meals. As for choosing a Norfolk cottage, here is what you should take into account:

• Price is important; you should look at what different locations and what they charge per night. Compare them to get a feel of the market rate. When you are comparing you should make sure to look at what is included – some cottages charge less because they provide few or no amenities. You want the best deal – a cottage that provides everything at a price that you can afford.

• Where is the cottage located? Location is important because you want easy access to the beach, the countryside as well as tourist attractions. Fortunately, there are several cottages that are located to all 3 things.

• How will you move around? Ideally, you want to hire a car if you don’t live in close enough to drive. You want a facility that can help you hire a car. The best cottages in the area have agreements with car hire companies and are able to provide affordable car rental for their guests.

• If you will be taking children along with you there are several things that you ought to take into account. First, does the facility provide things for children to do? There are several in the area that have well equipped kiddie fitness barns where kids can play as you relax. The more activities there are for your kids the better.

• If privacy is important to you you should find out how private the cottage you are is. The best are built in such a way that guests don’t have to bump into one another unless they want to.

• If you don’t want to prepare your own meals it is important that you find a facility that can prepare meals for guests – you don’t want to look for a restaurant every time you want to eat. There are some that have chefs to prepare meals for guests so long as you tell them in advance.

• The time that you go on holiday matters – if you go in summer when it is peak season you will pay more than if you go in the off peak season.