Casement windows are the most common windows in the UK and homeowners choose them with good reason – they come with a host of benefits. As someone who is considering new windows for your Cambridge home you should definitely include them in your list for the following reasons:

• You can customize them to look the way you want. They can be made out of uPVC or aluminium and you can get either of these materials in French, pushout, flat top or multiple grills design. You can also add astragal bars if you want a really unique look.

• Casement windows are very energy efficient – they come with an A+ rating, which is higher than you will get with Window Energy Rating requirements. What this means for you is that you will save money on power bills.

• Since they only come with a single lever latch they are easy to open and close. If you want additional ease and security in your home you can have your casement windows fitted with automatic openers.

• Casement windows open outwards which means that not only do you get more air into the room, you also get more light. They are an excellent choice for small rooms that need lightening up. They are also good for keeping temperatures low during the hot summer months.

• Since these windows come with slim windows they offer a better view of the outside.

• You get several glazing options – double or triple if you want them to be even more energy efficient. You can also have the glass tinted if you are worried about peeping toms.

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