It is time to put in new doors and window frames in your Cambridge home and you want it to be done by a carpenter who can get the job done properly. As someone who doesn’t need carpenters often it can be a little confusing to know which one to choose. You will also find that there are many in the area and each will claim that they can do better than the next. You only have limited funds for this project so you cannot afford to do any chances. What should you do?
 Your first step is to compile a list of carpentry and joinery services in the area that do doors and window frames. You may find that checking online makes things even more confusing; don’t worry; pick the first 5 or 6 search results and focus on researching those ones. Start by calling them to find out whether they have done this kind of work. If their websites have a tab for you to get a quote get one – it saves you time.
 After that it is time to pay their offices a visit. The way that a business is set up will tell you a lot about the kind of results you can expect. There are people who claim to be carpenters but who work out of a van. What happens if you hire one of these and they take your money and run? Work with someone who has a physical location. When you visit their offices head for the showroom – they will have a room where they display different aspects of their work. If you are not happy go to the next company.
 You will at last find a company that is good enough to do the job. It is time to iron out the details. Find out what they will need in the way of materials and how much everything will cost. Don’t be shy about asking for a discount – most companies will over-quote because they know that you will ask for one. All this should go into a detailed quote.
 You should start by checking out ALN Carpentry and Joinery – they are pretty good at what they do.