If you are looking for a college where you can study your sixth-form education, you should consider studying at Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS). CCSS is an established sixth-form college that offers high-quality one and two years GSE and A Level courses.  For the last thirty-five years, the college has built an impressive reputation for stimulating, success-focused education, preparing students for the university as well as life.
 They have small class sizes and first class tuition that enables achievement and encourages ambition and self-confidence. It offers both day and boarding places and accepts international students allowing both the UK and international students to thrive and succeed.
 CCSS offers international students with an introduction to the UK education systems through the college’s International Summer School Program or their Academic Foundation Course.
 Entry Requirements
Two-year A-level
The program is suitable for students who have completed GSCE or IGCSE or an equivalent course of study.  The applicants are required to achieve a minimum of five GCSE passes at grade A to C with scholarships being available for those who achieve a minimum of five GCSE A grades.
 One-year A Level
This is a program that is suitable for students who have completed one or more years of level A study or a similar level course and wanted or transfer to year 13.  It is also suitable for those students seeking to retake complete subjects or those that require additional subjects to qualify for undergraduate courses in medical sciences and other professionally based study courses. The requirement is to have achieved a minimum of five GCSE or equivalent passes with a grade B or above including Math and English.
 One-Year GCSE
The program is best for students who are looking for a fresh start of their year 11. When assessing the student’s eligibility for this course, previous school reports and predicted grades are considered.