Every parent in the United Kingdom wants to give the best education to their children.  If you are a parent in Hertfordshire looking for a school to send your child, here are some of the five private secondary schools in Hertfordshire, with reasons why you should choose them.

Abbot’s Hill School located in Bunkers Lane, Hemel Hempstead. The school was established in 1912 and has a holding capacity of about 450 pupils. The admission age is from 4 to 16 years. It’s coed school, for both boarders and day scholars. Academically, the school has recorded excellent grades over the years with 100% pass in 2014.

Bedford Modern School, established in 1764, the school is located in Manton Lane, Bedford and can hold up to 1,194 pupils between the age of 7 to 18 years. It is a coed, day and boarding school. If you are looking for a school that is holistic in all fields of study and extra-curricular activities, then this school is your sure bet.

Berkhamsted School in High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 2DJ. The school is a mixed day and independent schools Hertfordshire established as early as 1541 and can take up to 1,680 pupils. The school admits pupils as young as 3 up to 18 years and has maintained a consistently strong academic excellence.

Bishop’s Stortford College has been in existence as early as 1868 and is located along Maze Green Road. The school admits pupils from 4 to 18 years and has a holding capacity of about 1,140 students. The coed school accommodates both day and boarding scholars. Academically, the school has been ranked among top 100 independent schools in the UK.

Edge Grove School was started in 1945 and is located in Aldenham, WD25 8NL. The age for admission is from 3 to 13 years both day and boarding scholars including weekly, flexi, and full boarders. The school has excelled in all fields of academic and extra-curricular activities.