You are keen to enrol your son into a boarding school for boys in England but you are worried about the cost – these schools, especially the best ones, can be very expensive and simply out of the reach of many ordinary people. You shouldn’t give up on your dream of getting your child into a good school. You can start by asking some of the schools you have in mind whether they offer scholarships and what the requirements are in order for students to qualify. Your child will likely be required to pass a series of tests before they can qualify for a scholarship, so you should start working on making sure that they are well prepared. The school may also decide to look into your finances to ensure that you are a deserving family. They will definitely ask for references, so make sure that your child is able to get excellent reports from his current institution.
If you are not able to get a scholarship you can talk to different schools about payment plans. Some schools will be kind enough to allow you to pay the fees in instalments – you can pay a bit every year, so long as you are fully paid up by the end of the academic year. If you enrol your child through a payment plan and they prove to be a payment plan you can revisit the issue of getting them a scholarship – the school will have seen their capabilities and they may be more forthcoming the second time around.
You should always be aware of all the costs associated with your child’s schooling and plan well in advance so that you aren’t caught off guard. Even if your child is on scholarship there are some costs you will have to take care.
Try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – it is an affordable school that offers an excellent curriculum, as you can see on