Loft extensions are one of the most popular ways to extend your home – and there are plenty of great reasons why. They’re cost-effective, simple to build, don’t require planning permission*, and they can create a wonderful new living space.

Here are 5 loft extension ideas that should help you to decide which way to go…

1) Creating an open plan feel

If you want your new room or rooms to flow seamlessly with existing floor space, then building upwards is the way forward. A perfect example of this is our clients Paul and Richard who created 3 different loft rooms by removing sections of their roof – you can read their story in our 5 Loft Extension Ideas mini-case study.

2) To build an extra bedroom

If your house is short of bedrooms, building up may be the way to go. You might want to create a guest suite or simply separate that spare room out into something more comfortable and less teeny tiny! If you’re especially ambitious, then adding a mezzanine level is a popular way to get even more useable floor space – as seen here on Abode Renovations’ website. And if you need some help getting started with this project, we’ve got insight for you here: How to build loft rooms – the complete guide

3) For a home office/study

If working from home is your dream, then building up might be the right choice for you. You can easily create a cozy home office with plenty of natural light and even add in ensuite facilities so when you’ve had enough time at your desk, you can pop to bed in peace.

4) For an extra bathroom

It may seem like overkill to build up just for an extra bathroom; but if space is already limited, there are few better ways to maximize your living space than using it vertically. Loft rooms often make great bathrooms because they’re cooler (and therefore less sweaty!), plus there’s no need to worry about damp or mold.

5) For a bedroom and playroom/exercise room

If your family is growing or you like to keep the kids entertained with lots of activity, then building up could be just what you need. A playroom combined with an extra bedroom means everyone gets their own space – especially useful if one of those bedrooms comes complete with en suite facilities!

6) For a games/TV room

What better way to relax after that big game or movie marathon than by retreating into your own snug loft entertainment den? With the right insulation, this is also an ideal place to watch TV (and you can always claim it’s for ‘research purposes if your partner rumbles your scheme!).

7) For a roof terrace

If you’ve decided on a loft bedroom or playroom/exercise room and you happen to own a garden, then creating somewhere nice to sit outside when the weather allows could be just the ticket. And if you live in London where getting any outdoor time at all can feel like a life-or-death mission, then this is an exceptional way to make the most of your space and get that much-needed fresh air too.

So there you have it. We hope these ideas have given you plenty of inspiration for your loft extension plans, but don’t forget, even if they haven’t, we’re still here for you! Our friendly team is always happy to lend a hand or offer some friendly advice. All the very best with your project.