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7 Amazing Loft Extension Ideas

Loft extensions are one of the most popular ways to extend your home – and there are plenty of great reasons why. They’re cost-effective, simple to build, don’t require planning permission*, and they can create a wonderful new living space.

Here are 5 loft extension ideas that should help you to decide which way to go…

1) Creating an open plan feel

If you want your new room or rooms to flow seamlessly with existing floor space, then building upwards is the way forward. A perfect example of this is our clients Paul and Richard who created 3 different loft rooms by removing sections of their roof – you can read their story in our 5 Loft Extension Ideas mini-case study.

2) To build an extra bedroom

If your house is short of bedrooms, building up may be the way to go. You might want to create a guest suite or simply separate that spare room out into something more comfortable and less teeny tiny! If you’re especially ambitious, then adding a mezzanine level is a popular way to get even more useable floor space – as seen here on Abode Renovations’ website. And if you need some help getting started with this project, we’ve got insight for you here: How to build loft rooms – the complete guide

3) For a home office/study

If working from home is your dream, then building up might be the right choice for you. You can easily create a cozy home office with plenty of natural light and even add in ensuite facilities so when you’ve had enough time at your desk, you can pop to bed in peace.

4) For an extra bathroom

It may seem like overkill to build up just for an extra bathroom; but if space is already limited, there are few better ways to maximize your living space than using it vertically. Loft rooms often make great bathrooms because they’re cooler (and therefore less sweaty!), plus there’s no need to worry about damp or mold.

5) For a bedroom and playroom/exercise room

If your family is growing or you like to keep the kids entertained with lots of activity, then building up could be just what you need. A playroom combined with an extra bedroom means everyone gets their own space – especially useful if one of those bedrooms comes complete with en suite facilities!

6) For a games/TV room

What better way to relax after that big game or movie marathon than by retreating into your own snug loft entertainment den? With the right insulation, this is also an ideal place to watch TV (and you can always claim it’s for ‘research purposes if your partner rumbles your scheme!).

7) For a roof terrace

If you’ve decided on a loft bedroom or playroom/exercise room and you happen to own a garden, then creating somewhere nice to sit outside when the weather allows could be just the ticket. And if you live in London where getting any outdoor time at all can feel like a life-or-death mission, then this is an exceptional way to make the most of your space and get that much-needed fresh air too.

So there you have it. We hope these ideas have given you plenty of inspiration for your loft extension plans, but don’t forget, even if they haven’t, we’re still here for you! Our friendly team is always happy to lend a hand or offer some friendly advice. All the very best with your project.

What to Mention in Sorrey Loft Reviews

There are many Sorrey Loft reviews floating around and you can be tempted to make one for your benefit. The truth is nobody is stopping you from doing so and it can be the first of many if you choose to do so. After all, nobody wants you to do it and the other way around. Perhaps, the first thing to mention would certainly be their customer service. Did they answer you right away when you chose to answer them a ton of questions online? Did you want to do it in the best way possible as you wanted nothing but the best things in life? It is evident they should have hired a team full of experts who would want to reply to all of your questions and it won’t really matter what time you choose to send it to them. After all, customers are always right and nothing should stop them from doing what they please. It would be in Sorrey’s right mind to answer as fast as possible so that any problem would be addressed right away if ever there are any.

One careful thing to always mention would be their punctuality. Did they show up in time or did they make you wait a little before they wanted to do a lot more than what they were looking for? We all know how being on time is a bit important because if that is not the case then you would end up waiting for a few hours before they start their job. You would want to do a lot of other things instead of trying to do stuff that would make them pretty proud of what they set out to do. Another thing you would want to mention is how the loft worked out for everyone involved. The planning time must be done in such a way that they would also listen to all of your ideas. After that, they would lay it all out on the line regarding what they would want to happen and listen to whether or not you would want them or not. Besides, you are the boss so you would want to do what is best for business.

When you decide to make Sorrey loft reviews in several websites then you should remember to mention if they would always update you regarding the progress of making the loft. You can’t blame yourself if you are a bit too excited for it to finish as that would mean you would want to live in a place that would look a lot better than before. Of course, it would mean that they are trying to ring the bell in order to get a steady update on notifications when you will try to set the record straight right then and there. There is nothing wrong with letting out your steam when it comes to the negatives that they brought about. Remember to be a bit honest or they would want to dispute your claims.

Get the best loft conversion quotes from the professional builders.

Loft conversion is the most popular and cost effective home renovation project that can help you save a lot of money that you might waste of the home relocation. This is the reason why you need to ask for loft conversion quotes from the loft builders who will help you determine the actual value of the project. You can use this space for living or as a storage space so that you will get the desired kind of benefits from the loft conversion project. The free space in your property will be utilised to the fullest so that it will be of great benefits for you and your family. There is no need to look for alternative home when you can easily add extra space in your home so that it will have many benefits. Thus, you can always opt for this project that is planned properly so that you will get extra space in your living space.

When you are considering going ahead with the loft conversion project, you will need to contact the best builders who will enable you to utilize all the space in your home. But you will need to find out the loft conversion quotes so that you will get the project completed within your budget. Additionally, you need to select an option that will help you get true value for your money so that you will get the best benefits that you are looking for. You will gain more space in your property as you will not lose valuable space as it will be converted into any kind of room. The space that you get will offer an amazing view of the outdoors so that you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the neighbouring space. It is an excellent option that helps you to get sound investment on your property as you will get a larger number of benefits than you have ever imagined. The overall appearance of your property will be enhanced significantly and you will enjoy the best looking property so that it will be according to your preferences.

Loft conversion is also an energy efficient option because you will get ample amount of fresh air and sunlight so that your home interiors will remain insulated. You will no longer have to pay higher electricity bills with the addition of loft in your property. The larger windows that are installed in the loft will make it easier for you to get an amazing view along with comfortable indoors. The sunlight will also not get blocked so that you will get an amazing looking space that has been comfortable all year long. You can choose from different styles of loft in your property so that you will get an amazing looking space. Additionally, the room will also enhance the beauty of your indoor space so that you will get a space that will fit into your needs. With increased living space, you will get a style for complementing the overall look of your home so that you will enjoy the best kind of results.