Glass ensuite doors are now a popular option in interior design, partly due to its space saving properties but also because of its many benefits. They help make your bath or shower more spacious and can be fitted with a variety of features such as the door opening onto an outdoor area.

Benefits of glass ensuite doors

  1. Space saving

they can help you maximize the dimensions of your ensuite by giving you a larger almost seamless surface area with no need for partition walls. They can also be installed either side of the bath or shower, allowing you to get a panoramic view from your shower.

  1. Privacy

otherwise known as “privacy”, glass cannot be seen through and therefore allows privacy in your bathroom giving you the chance to enjoy a more tranquil environment while taking a bath or shower. This can originate from being able to look at the sky or even on to nature if installed with an extra skylight feature.

  1. Extra natural light

glass creates an ambient lighting effect in your bathroom, making it feel more spacious with an airy effect and a pleasant sight for you to wake up to in the morning. This also gives you the chance to view the outside world instead of looking at walls and can make using your bath or shower more enjoyable. The ability to not just bring in natural light but also from being outdoors or looking on to nature can make this a unique feature that only glass ensuite doors can offer.

  1. Thermal insulation

glass is a great thermal insulator; therefore it can help retain the temperature in your bathroom. It does this by being an effective barrier against radiative heat loss and any possible infiltration. This can also ease the burden of the heating and cooling system in your home which would otherwise work harder to keep up with a large temperature difference between rooms. This can result in lower energy bills and less time spent modifying the environment to feel comfortable.

  1. Additional features

glass has various features to make your bathroom more convenient and pleasurable for you. These may include things such as doors that open on to an outdoor area, low-e coatings, electronic options, privacy blinds and even a personal spa area if situated on the same wall. This can be a great add-on for those who wish to make their bathroom an extension of their living quarters.

  1. Durability

glass has become more durable and robust over the years due to new glass manufacturing technologies. This can make your glass ensuite doors more secure and less likely to break, although this does come at a cost as it is less likely to be able to be repaired due to the fragility of glass.

  1. Transparency

glass cannot be seen through like other materials such as metal, so allows full transparency in your bathroom doors which is important for those desiring a vibrant surrounding in their ensuite.

  1. Colour

glass can be made in various colours to fit any aesthetic choice you make for your bathroom. This gives glass a more personal touch and allows you to complement certain colour schemes. Colours can include clear, silver, bronze, black and tinted.

  1. Design

glass doors are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing compared to other types of doors such as ceramic or wood with the design being enhanced by the transparency of the glass.