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Ahead in the Cloud is your seasoned and professional SEO agency. Based in Cambridge, we bring years of extensive industry experience to the table. This includes content marketing services, along with social media integration and mobile optimization. With highly-dedicated teams of marketing experts, content developers and social media gurus – we have helped countless brands secure higher visibility across Google and other platforms. Our SEO services also include complete audits for websites, blogs, and even online stores. This allows us to see which areas are performing well, as well as which areas need more improvement and client engagement. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation and get the ball rolling.

SEO Services for Cambridge Businesses

Ahead in the Cloud is committed to excellence in all SEO and online marketing services. This includes web development, mobile marketing, and even promotional videos and lead generation. We have the tools and expertise to take any company to new heights in any industry, sector or niche. We also stay abreast of all the latest industry developments and trends. This enables us to offer real-time results for all our new and existing clients. From SEO analysis to  web development, we ensure higher ROI and recurring web traffic for any Cambridge business or commercial entity. Here are some of the services we offer for all:

•    Web development – we can easily revamp any existing website or build a new one from scratch. With social media links, user-friendly menus, and templates that establish uniformity and consistency in design – we create aesthetically pleasing sites that effectively attract and engage new customers.
•    Content marketing – from articles and CMS to press releases and blogging, our content specialists do it all. In fact, we create content that is precise, concise, and easy to scan and digest. This helps extend your brands reach on the Web, while effectively marketing your products and services to mass audiences.

SEO Cambridge

E-commerce is a common term that many know about. E-commerce is about selling things online. It’s also about offering services online. For example someone may sell jewelry online. They may also sell services such as tutoring online to students who want to learn English or improve their understanding of the language. E-commerce may include directly sales that involve a physical object. It may also include a transaction that takes place entirely online. It’s imperative for any business owner to understand exactly how the world of e-commerce works. In this way, they can think about how they can use the world of e-commerce to their advantage. For example, a salesperson may want to think about selling a new product. Using the net well can help them figure out if there’s a market for the product they want to sell without imposing lots of startup costs.

A New Business Model

A new business model is on hand. It’s no longer enough to think about the world of local business. The model behind e-commerce is one that has tremendous possibility. An effective e-commerce model can be developed with the help of a good company that knows exactly how to work within the framework of the world of the net. They can show any company official how to tap into the tremendous possibilities that the contemporary world offers. A world that is all about providing people with the means to reach out to others. Our company understands this process. Our company also knows how to use the e-commerce rules well to help sell products. We’ll show you how to reach out to markets and how to find if a product is truly selling. With our help, you can develop an entirely new market for your goods and services.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most common windows in the UK and homeowners choose them with good reason – they come with a host of benefits. As someone who is considering new windows for your Cambridge home you should definitely include them in your list for the following reasons:

• You can customize them to look the way you want. They can be made out of uPVC or aluminium and you can get either of these materials in French, pushout, flat top or multiple grills design. You can also add astragal bars if you want a really unique look.

• Casement windows are very energy efficient – they come with an A+ rating, which is higher than you will get with Window Energy Rating requirements. What this means for you is that you will save money on power bills.

• Since they only come with a single lever latch they are easy to open and close. If you want additional ease and security in your home you can have your casement windows fitted with automatic openers.

Casement windows open outwards which means that not only do you get more air into the room, you also get more light. They are an excellent choice for small rooms that need lightening up. They are also good for keeping temperatures low during the hot summer months.

• Since these windows come with slim windows they offer a better view of the outside.

• You get several glazing options – double or triple if you want them to be even more energy efficient. You can also have the glass tinted if you are worried about peeping toms.

Who should install your casement windows? There is no one better then Salmons Bros. Ltd. You can trust them to do an excellent job because they have a great reputation. You can find out more on http://www.salmonsbros.co.uk/.

Digital Marketing Services in Cambridge

Ahead in the Cloud specialize in digital marketing services for all clients. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and experience to take any brand to new heights. In fact, we customize all SEO services to meet your specific needs. This includes social media integration, mobile optimization, and even content marketing and distribution. Our talented team of web developers can also enhance your site and blog – or build a new one from scratch. This includes eye-catchy logos, along with gripping templates that establish uniformity and consistency in design. We also specialize in all SEO online marketing campaigns for businesses looking to become or remain competitively viable.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

At Ahead in the Cloud, our services are designed to promote brand validity and visibility. In fact, we guarantee higher conversion rates, stronger leads, and better customer engagement across the board.  We also perform full SEO audits to see if your pages and blogs are meeting Google’s White Hat criteria and changes to algorithm. We also offer complimentary consultations so we can meet and achieve all your digital marketing goals. Here are some of the services we offer for new and recurring clients:

•    Complete SEO analysis and assessment.
•    Website design, website development, online store and blog creation.
•    PPC, strategic business ads, Google AdWords, localization services, and mobile optimization.
•    Responsive web design or mobile sites, keyword analysis, lead generation, and complete SEO services that help your brand grow in any industry, sector or niche.
•    Content development – blogging, social media profiles, articles, CMS, press releases, White Papers, e-publishing, brochures, marketing materials, business cards and more.
•    Google Maps, citations, online reputation management, and social media integration.
•    Complete SEO audits, streamlining and centralizing content – making it easier to scan and digest.
•    Promotional videos, Facebook Live, Twitter, Linked-In profiles, Pinterest, Instagram, and all social media marketing for new and existing business brands.

Choosing a Creative Music Marketing Team to Promote your Sound

Today, the success of a track record or music album is entirely dependent on the music campaign team. A creative music marketing team ensures that your music goes through the right promotional channels. The team also ensures that you develop a credible fan base for your music label. The team that you choose should understand your music and translate it into a design that meets the market standards. The team should make it a priority to add value to your sound to attract a massive following. Here are the guides to selecting a creative music marketing team to handle your sound promotion.

1.      Consider their Marketing Portfolio

You need to go for a track label promoter who has a credible portfolio. An experienced marketing team ensures that your sound is designed to meet the expectations of your fans. You can always research and asks about their portfolio before committing to a contract.

2.      Quality Service Options

A creative music marketing team should clearly offer quality marketing services. They need to offer you services such as social media marketing, Music PR, branding, and design. In short, the creative music team should handle all aspects of your music campaign and make sure that the delivery is high quality.

3.      Consider your Music Input

Inasmuch as it’s the duty of the creative team to handle all aspects of your track promotion, the team should allow you to make suggestions and factor in some of them. You should be able to introduce your creative touch to your brand. This is in regard to video and audio production, CD design and branding.


A good music campaign is dictated by the creative aspects of your marketing team. The music industry is competitive, and you have to stand out from the rest to make it. This means having a creative campaign team behind you.

DJ flight case

What you need to know about dj flight cases.

Are you worried how you will manage moving around with your deck to that adventure? Or you have a concert overseas and you will need to play music? Will I lose some equipment’s in the process or damage some due to movements. Worry no more,  Five star company got just what you need.


Musical instruments have abnormal shapes, sizes and weight which makes them tiring to transport.5 five star company has made a cases that will comfortably fit into the boot of your car. The instruments are arranged in such a way they can comfortably slide into the case minimizing damage and saving on space. The material is heavy to carry around, one might say.  The case is light believe it! Some cases are made of wood, aluminum or bronze which makes them easy to carry around. This however does not compromise on the quality of the case.

To increase efficiency, the case has wheels that make it easy to move. The handle is easy to pull and is attached to a strap that helps to pull the case. Do you have lots of equipment? The space is enough. The lowest part is big enough to carry enough cargo.

Why go for dj flight cases

Keep your equipment in good condition; take good care of them by buying a dj flight case. You won’t spend on repair or replacement any time soon. How do you move with your equipment? You use a bag? Dj flight cases are specifically built for that purpose. The durability of the case is unquestionable. The material is all weather and is resistant to harsh conditions.


Taking a flight as a dj  has been made convenient and enjoyable. The flight case is fashionable and convenient to use. Get one and enjoy the experience.

Sheet Music Stand

As one who is in the market for a sheet music stand you may be wondering what you should be looking for – there are numerous types and designs in the market and it can be quite a task to choose. That is why it is important to know the qualities of a good music stand. Here is what you should be looking for:

• The weight of the stand is very important – you will be carrying it back and forth and you don’t want to be lugging a heavy stand around. If you are shopping online look at the manufacturer specs for the weight but if you are shopping in an actual music shop lift the stand to see whether it is portable.

• You should also look at what size the unit folds into – ideally it should be able to fold into your everyday bag when deconstructed. This may be hard to determine online but you can look at reviews and find out how small any music stands you are considering are.

• It is very important that you buy a music stand that is adjustable – it allows you to play while standing and also sitting. Find out how far up it can go and whether it swivels right – it allows you flexibility when you are playing.

• Make sure that the music stand doesn’t tip over easily – if it does you have to stop playing every time your music falls to the floor in order to retrieve it.

As to who to buy from, RatStands, a UK music company comes highly recommended. They have supplied sheet music stands to all the top venues in the world and they are renowned for their quality.

Independent Prep Schools

Your child’s education is one of your most important obligations – you want them to get one that will make them successful adults, but you also want to put them in an environment where they can learn comfortably. This is especially important if you have selected to take them to a boarding school. There are many boarding prep schools in Hertfordshire and you want to take your child to one that provides the best education and care but also one that you can afford. There are several things that you should look into before you make up your mind as to which prep school you want to send your child off to.

Start by looking at the quality of education that is offered. Do they follow a special curriculum and if they do are you happy with it? It is important to involve your child in the decision. If they are more comfortable with the arts you should send them to a school that leans heavily towards them but if they like sciences better it is best to choose a school that is focussed on the sciences. Find out what quality of teaches they have on staff. This is all information that you can find online.

Your child will be living away from home and you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Visit the schools that you have in mind and see what kind of boarding quarters are provided. In most cases children have to share rooms but there are some schools that have private rooms for those who can afford them. Find out whether the children are supervised when they are in the boarding quarters and who is in charge. You should also find out how many meals they have each day. If your child has special dietary needs find out whether they can be catered for.

Your child will need spiritual guidance and moral support from his or her teachers. Find out whether the school has a strong support system. Look into whether they have had problems with bullying in the past – there are some schools that are notorious for it and you don’t want your child to end up in one of those. You should also look into how they deal with problems when they arise.

One of the best independent prep schools for girls in Hertfordshire is St. Francis College. They have an excellent curriculum and provide all the care that children need to grow up to be disciplined and independent.

4 Things To Look For In A Good Music Chair


If you are a musical performer then you know the importance of having good equipment. With all the preparation that has to be put in a single performance, the last thing that you want to be having to worry about is the quality of your equipment. Having poor equipment can cause a well-planned performance to turn into a total disaster. All it takes is one equipment malfunction. In order to combat this, you obviously have to research and be diligent to find good equipment. You are likely not going to be able to purchase every piece of new equipment at once. Therefore, you are going to have to prioritize your purchases. The first priority in the process should be placed on your music chair. Having a good music chair is perhaps more important than anything else. However, most people do not know what to look for in a music chair. Below is a list of 4 things to look for in a music chair before you spend any money.

Things To Look For In A Good Music Chair

  • Height Adjustability
  • Cheap And Affordable Price
  • Base Material Structure And Make
  • Portability For Performing On The Road

Height Adjustability

If you purchase a chair that cannot be adjusted then you are simply wasting your money. Height adjustability is the single most important component of a music chairs design. This is because you will need to adjust it when playing various instruments at various locations.

Cheap And Affordable Price

There is no reason to spend a fortune on a music chair. Many dealers will sell chairs that are way overpriced and trick people into thinking they are getting their money’s worth. The truth of the matter is that you can get a high-quality chair for a cheap price if you just do your research.

Base Material Structure And Make

The material that a music chair is made out of is highly important. If you choose one that is made out of a bad material then you are going to get a bad product that is likely to break down. Music chairs made of metal and wood are by far the best.

Portability For Performing On The Road

If you are like most performers, then you perform at a variety of different places. If this is the case make sure that they chair that you get is portable and easy to transport.



Essential Components Of Proper Lawn Care For The Spring


There is no doubt that spring is one of the best times of the year. During spring, you get to savor the excitement that is the end of the cold winter months and the beginning of the trees getting their leaves back as the green vegetation returns in breathtaking colors. For this reason, so many people perform a variety of things on their lawn during this time as it is the best time to do lawn maintenance. If you do this right then you will be rewarded with an amazing yard that you are happy to come home to. There have been several studies that prove that having a beautiful lawn is soothing to the mind and can help lessen things like depression while boosting happiness. However, most people are unaware of every component that goes into spring lawn care. This results in them not achieving the best looking lawn possible. Below is a list of the important components of spring lawn care.

Important Components of Spring Lawn Care

  • Tree Pruning
  • Cutting Grass
  • Planting Assorted Plants
  • Removing Toxic Weeds

Tree Pruning

The first thing that you will want to do is prune all of the trees in your yard that can be pruned. Obviously, some trees are too tall in order to be pruned. The good news for those trees is that higher unreachable branches do not cause a reduction in cosmetic appeal and actually add to it.

Cutting Grass

This is the obvious basic component on this list. However, many people go about the process wrong. When moving grass you will want to choose the setting on your lawn mower that results in the lowest cut of grass. This will result in greener and healthier grass.

Planting Assorted Plants

There is no question that beautiful plants add a whole new dimension to your lawn. It is recommended that you pick out a few beautiful plants and plant them in appropriate places. Plants that grow tall, green, and large are ideal for producing a high cosmetic appeal.

Removing Toxic Weeds 

Removing weeds is essential to lawn maintenance and care. By picking weeds in the spring time you are able to get the toxic weeds out quickly and prevent them from infesting your yard as they rapidly reproduce. When picking weeds make sure that you pull out the root of the plant as well as the visible above ground part.